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205 Floralina

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Two quilt squares now grace the Hay Day Farm in Pickens, SC. The farm, owned by Dale and Lucy Harward is located halfway between the towns of Pickens and Pumpkintown, off Highway 8. Both original quilts were made by Lucy, who is the Upstate Heritage Quilter of the Year for 2017. In addition to her many needlework skills, Lucy has been a driving force in the development of the Pickens Senior Center and the Granger Fiber Arts program located there. The center offers many services, not just to the seniors of Pickens, but to the entire community.

Lucy chose her art quilt, Floralina, as her presentation block because it represents the states where she and Dale were born and where they spent their married life. The mockingbird at the top of the quilt is the Florida state bird. The bird is small and in the background. Her husband, Dale, was born in Bowling Green, Florida. The first 38 years of their married life were spent in Florida, where Dale was a minister. The bird in the lower portion of the quilt is larger and more prominent. It is surrounded by Yellow Jasmine and represents the South Carolina state bird, the Carolina Wren and is their current residence as well as Lucy’s birthplace in Columbia.

The quilt is small, about 1 foot wide and 2 feet long, as is the painted replica, created by local artist, Sandra Fluet-Thomas, who teaches classes in drawing at the Community Center in Pickens. She meticulously hand-painted the fabric and cross-stitched birds and jasmine of the original quilt, shading the wren to make it appear larger and fuller.

The painted square is hung beside the back door of Dale & Lucy’s wonderful farm house, where they now enjoy their retirement.

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