Every Quilt Tells a Story and Every Story Leads to a Discovery.

Request Information

– Request Map or Tour Assistance

Please fill out the form below to request a map or tour assistance.

Type of Assistance: MapTour
Address: Note: We need a mailing address for Map assistance requests.
Zip Code:

– Request a Quilt Block

Each quilt block installed on the UHQT is linked to a fabric quilt. The quilts story and its creator are recorded and shared with visitors to our trail and can be found on our web site. Once your application is submitted its time to review the questions below and begin formulating your story. These points are provided as a guideline to help you get started. A UHQT volunteer will assist as necessary.

  • Name of quilt. There may be several names attached to each quilt. What name do you call the quilt?
  • If you know the pattern name, please provide name.
  • Name of original quilter. Relationship to current owner of quilt.
  • If living can we contact quilter? Please provide email address & phone
  • Address of current owner of quilt (full address requested).
  • When was quilt made? Where was quilt made has quilting?
  • Who taught original quilter how to quilt? And their thought about quilting.
  • Where will painted quilt block be displayed as part of UHQT?
  • Who is sponsor of quilt block?
  • Any interesting history or stories about original quilter, quilt or location painted panel will be installed?


If you or your organization would like to request a quilt block for your location, please get in touch with us before you fill out this form.

If you prefer mailing a form, please print and fill out this pdf version of the form.


Step 1: Fill out the request form:

Date of request:
Requesting Person or Group:
Site location Address:
Website Address:
Owner of site if different from requester:
Contact person:
Block size: 2' x 2' - $1504' x 4' - $2758' x 8' - $575
Quilt Name:
In making this request, the undersigned agrees to accept the following conditions and requirements:

  • I/We will work with the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail Committee regarding design and colors of the proposed quilt square.
  • The block cannot be a company logo, nor can the installed block be used as a company logo.
  • The barn or building site must be accessible by a bucket truck (for installation).
  • The Quilt square will remain on the building at least five years. After that time, the Quilt Square will remain on the building until the owner asks for it to be removed or it becomes apparent that the piece needs to be repaired or renewed, or the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail Committee removes, sells or auctions it off if they own the block.
  • If paid for by the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail Project, the Quilt Square is the property of Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail.
  • Once the block is signed off on, no changes may be made to the block and I will not move or alter the quilt block in any way without first contacting the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail Committee. (Quilt blocks remain with their site and cannot be moved if you move to a new location. A new location requires a new block.)
  • If I rent, lease, sell or otherwise convey my property during this time period, I will notify the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail Committee to allow them to remove the quilt block, if necessary, to avoid damage to it.
  • I will allow my barn/building to be photographed by the public and photos to be used by the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail Committee in advertising of the quilt trail. I will allow my name and/or my business’s name to be used on advertising and promotional materials.
  • I understand people will be taking pictures of my block.
  • Repair due to vandalism is the responsibility of the quilt owner. Please notify the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail.
  • I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail as well as its officers, committees, agents and employees for and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses and causes of action related to the quilt block.
  • A bucket truck can easily get to the site and there are no power lines in the way that would threaten the installation.
Check here if you wish to volunteer to help with the project and someone will contact you. Volunteer
Print initials as signature:
Print initials of owner of site:
(If different from requestor)


The UHQT is a non-profit organization our primary source of funding is through the production of quilt panels. The cost of a quilt panel not only covers the materials used but, all manner of project-related expenses for administration, studio rental, utilities, promotion and production.


Step 2: Purchase your quilt:


PLEASE NOTE INSTALLATION FEE: due at time of installation.

$50.00– 4’x4’ and below

$100.00– 8’x8’

If you need to purchase more than five colors, add them to your cart and click “Continue Shopping” to return to this page.

If you requested more than 5 colors, choose an option below:

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