Every Quilt Tells a Story and Every Story Leads to a Discovery.

Suggested Itineraries

The Upstate Heritage Quilt Trail has over 190 locations throughout Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens counties, with additions being added monthly. You can experience the trail as a self-guided adventure or planned group tour. To help you get started click on high lighted link on a story page, it will list quilts panels in the destination area, allowing you to experience the culture and history of that particular area. You can also visit the trail by category, choosing to visit museums, art centers, agriculture sites and more. Below is an walking/driving tour of the historic town of Walhalla  and the City of Anderson to give you an example of what is in store for you.

We are happy to assist in planning your adventure.

Walking/Driving Tour of the town Walhalla

Number Quilt Name Location Address Fabric Quilt Displayed
83 James River Blues Residence 103 S. John Street
65 Hot Cotton Residence 301 Jaynes Street
66 Strom at Sea Old St. John’s Meeting House 200 S. Catherine Street
49 Mountain and Lakes Historic Earle House 105 West South Broad Street Original quilt displayed in building
08 Star in Star Oconee County Public Library 501 W. South Broad St.
95 Stars Residence 517 W. Main Street
68 Yellow Ribbon Patriots’ Hall 13 Short Street Original quilt displayed in museum
35 Oconee Flag Cherokee Museum 70 Short St Original quilt displayed in museum
06 Rocky Mountain Road Oconee Heritage Center 123 Brown Square Drive Original quilt displayed in museum
07 Goose on the Pond Oconee Conservatory of Fine Arts 101 East North Broad St. UHQT painting studio located in this building, paint on Tue. & Thurs. 9:30 – Noon, Visitors welcome.
109 Carolina Lilly Residence 306 N. Catherine Street
162 Grandmothers Garden Residence 302 S. College Street


Walking/Driving Tour of the City of Anderson


Number Quilt Name Location Address Fabric Quilt Displayed
47 Whirl Wind Anderson Arts Center 110 Federal Street  Quilt on first floor, Anderson studio here,  paint on Friday’s 9:30 – Noon, visitors welcome.
61 Carolina Lilly Anderson Cancer Association 215 E. Calhoun Street
71 Box Square Comfort Keepers 402 E. Greenville Street
79 Compass Anderson County Library 300 N. McDuffie Street
90 Sunflower The Jo Brown Senior Center 101 S. Fant Street
91 Mariners Compass Special Olympics Center 101 S. Fant Street
105 Corn & Peas and a Cornucopia Farmers Market Pavilion Murray Avenue
119 Grandmothers Flower Garden Wren Pavilion 111 E. Whitner Street
124 Hollyhock Hospice House 1835 Rogers Road
137 On the Road to Jericho Roberts Presbyterian Church 2716 Hwy. 187S
141 Nine Patch Residence 301 Lazy Street
152 Lighthouse to the World Concord Elementary 2701 Calrossie Road Inside Building